Initiation School to the Art of Magic  
  FELIX the magician created in 2003 the Children School of Magic of Palma de Mallorca. He participated in the Espai SuperGuai Program during 2006-2007 season in the M7 TV making a fun children magic workshop. He had given several Magic workshops in schools, neighborhood clubs and children parks. FELIX is a physical education teacher, which has qualified and prepared him for teaching the concepts of magic. He has formed Entertainers, teaching basic courses for animation, and also to Teachers as a valid resource to favor the likeliness of groups.  

Magic Workshops for schools.

The main objective of the workshop is to discover and try to awake the artistic skills of the children through magic games, self-expression and basic acting considerations, reinforcing and improving the children self-esteem with activities related to their security and self-esteem.


- Theory and practice classes looking for an active participation from the student, providing concepts in order for him to analyze it, helping the understanding of Magic and not merely the act of teaching the trick.

- Oriented to the presentation of the magic effects, like acting in public, basic movements, corporal expression, theatrical techniques, what will develop the performance, memory and sharpness, intuitive skill, oratory…. The main objective is to develop the personality.

- The teacher will pay close attention to each of the students’ demands, favoring the significant and direct learning

The teaching material will be provided by the teacher (at the beginning) in order to make the “game of magic”. Throughout the course, materials like books, DVDs, cam recorder, and recorders will be used for the better comprehension of the effects. At the end of the course, a Show of Magic will be organized in which the students will be the starts and they will present the magic learned during the course. Family and friends will be invited to participate during the magic day. At the end of the show a certificate will be provided.


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Courses of Magic for youngsters and Adults


Telf.: 600 064 359


Age: +6 años
Starts: Octubre
Duration: 6 meses
Load time: 2 horas
class Weekly
Small groups